Retouching: Need some images cleaned up? Multiple images pieced together?  Maybe some quick outlining?


With a careful eye for detail, Kurt can outline and do a lot of compositing quickly.  Always up to date on the latest developments in Photoshop, Kurt can use his expertise and training to fix problems that might arise photographically.  Whether it’s a single photo or a group of images, Kurt is happy to meet your retouching needs. Available for daily or hourly services, in-person or remotely.


Digital Tech: Have a photo shoot coming up? 


Kurt has several years of experience as a digital tech and continues to hone his skills, keeping up to date on the latest technologies and tricks of the trade.  He can work a camera with Capture One, Lightroom, and even Leaf.  If you need him to sit in a darkroom and fix-up some images, he can do that, too.


Photography: In need of commercial photography?


Big things and small things, things on white and things on sets, Kurt can make them all look good.  He has extensive experience photographing still lifes, and food both in-studio and on-location. His digital camera experience includes Canon, Leaf, Phase, and Nikon. Whatever your professional photographic needs, Kurt can provide the expert service you require.


Rental Gear:  Don’t have all the gear you need?


Kurt can rent out an i-Mac Capture Station with extra display or MacBook Pro Capture Station with extra 27 inch display.  Both Stations come with a cart, printer, battery backup, and Color Eyes calibration.


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